Semi-pilot technology for cultivation of a native cyanobacterial strain - source of biologically active substances

Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Экономическая конкурентоспособность и инновационные технологии
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Currently, biotechnology is the main direction involved in various branches of the country's economy. Cyanobacterial strains are rich sources of biologically active substances and can be used in agriculture, in greening agricultural processes and obtaining organic products by eliminating fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals, as well as to increase plant production in animal husbandry as a food supplement, in the field of ecology, namely in water purification, bioindication, in the field of cosmetology. In this context, it is opportune to develop new processes for the cultivation of unused cyanobacteria currently for mass production of raw materials - biomass, which can be used in various biotechnology branches with involvement in organic farming, aquatic ecology, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, etc. The acute need in various branches of the economy of our country in biotechnological materials of natural origin - sources of bioactive substances: amino acids, vitamins, phytostimulators and exopolysaccharides, antioxidants, etc. raises the issue of developing efficient methods for the mass cultivation of currently unused cyanobacteria containing such substances. The project has both theoretical and applied importance and comes to ensure the production of unused cyanobacterial biomass - a source of biologically active substances, which can be used to obtain bio products, biologically active substances, and to solve ecological problems. The project in question aims to produce in increased quantities the biomass of unused cyanobacteria - a source of biologically active substances.

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There are no similar products on the market in the Republic of Moldova because the cyanobacterium proposed for the realization of the cultivation technology is not capitalized at the moment. The market is: agriculture, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, food industry the beneficiaries are individuals and legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and factories for the production of organic fertilizers, agricultural associations that use organic technologies.

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The finished product is the semi-pilot technological scheme for the cultivation of untapped local cyanobacteria (recently isolated) and the biomass obtained for use in the field of agriculture, cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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The technology is patented.

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The innovative element of this project consists in the elaboration of the semipilot technology for the cultivation of a strain of unused native cyanobacteria recently isolated from the soils of the Republic of Moldova - source of biologically active substances.

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