Technology for obtaining biostimulators intended for organic farming

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The development of the agricultural branch in the Republic of Moldova is inextricably linked to the involvement of biotechnological products. The scientific results come to solve the problem of increasing the crop yield. In this field may be involved different species of cyanobacteria of the genera: Anabaena, Spirulina, Nostoc, Cilindrospermum, as well as various algae and soil bacteria that grow in the conditions of our country and are sources of bioactive substances. Their stimulating effect on the vegetation of crop plants as well as to increase the harvest is known. In recent years, a wide range of native cyanobacteria has been obtained that serve as sources of bioactive substances and can be included in the creation of products or extracts used in agriculture, in order to proliferate the production of crop plants. Currently such biostimulators are missing on the agricultural market and it is necessary to replace the chemical fertilizers, used to increase the harvest, with biostimulators. Cyanobacterial strains are rich sources of biologically active substances: vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, which can stimulate plant growth, so obtaining biostimulators from cyanobacteria intended for agriculture is current. For this reason, it is promising to develop the technology for obtaining biostimulators for agriculture that can be used in the field of organic farming. The project has both theoretical and applied importance and comes to ensure the implementation of biotechnology in obtaining eco products from agriculture. The project in question confirms the full use of extracts of bioactive substances obtained from cyanobacteria that are stimulants of plant growth.

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The innovative element of this project consists in the elaboration of new organic products destined to stimulate the increase of the production of the crop plants and of the obtaining of the ecological agricultural products.

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The finished product is rendered by samples of organic stimulators to increase agricultural production.

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There are no similar products on the market in the Republic of Moldova, it is a new idea to produce biostimulators for agriculture. The market is in the field of agriculture, the beneficiaries are individuals and legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and factories for the production of organic fertilizers, agricultural associations that deal with the production of organic products. The marketing method is through a website or electronic store, or directly through a marketing contract.

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