Implementation of energy efficient technology and an industrial plant for the essential oil crops processing in the farms of RM

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This project is dedicated to the development and implementation in production of a new highly efficient technology and a medium-capacity unit (0.75 tons of raw materials / hour) for processing low-moisture essential oil raw materials by distillation with superheated steam for farms.
The Republic of Moldova has very favorable soil and climatic conditions for the cultivation of many essential oil crops, such as lavender, clary sage, dill, isop, coriander and others, and for obtaining high quality essential oils. The emerging conjunction of the world market with the constant growth of demand and prices for essential oils makes it very urgent to search for new competitive solutions in this area.

Innovative component

The innovative component of the Project

The proposed technology and installation have a number of innovative elements:

allows to significantly reduce power consumption and production time;

Processing of aromatic raw materials with low humidity;

Use of superheated low pressure steam;

Direction of steam pumping;

Energy efficient construction with heat recovery and processing;

Obtaining essential oils of different quality in one processing cycle.

The processing of aromatic raw materials with low humidity (drying in the open air) allows 2-3 times to reduce transport costs, 3-4 times the cost of thermal energy for heating raw materials at the stage of preliminary distillation. The use of superheated steam improves the efficiency of distillation and speeds up the distillation process by 2-3 times.

The proposed technology and plant design contain know-how elements that relate to the optimal temperature of the superheated steam and their pumping in a downward direction through the raw material. They save energy and provide better quality oils.

The design of the unit provides for thermal insulation elements in the required places and efficient heat recovery, i.e. pumping hot water from the upper refrigerant chamber to the steam generator for additional water heating and steam production.

Project advantages

Project advantages:

  • Acceleration of the distillation process by 2-3 times when using superheated steam;
  • Energy-saving design of the installation with heat recovery, which allows to reduce the total energy consumption for the production of a unit of the final product by 4-5 times compared to existing installations;
  • Reduction of weight and size characteristics and material consumption - by 1.5-3 times and reduction of the cost of the installation by 2 - 3 times in comparison with existing installations of similar power in the world;
  • The use of biomass (industrial waste, pellet, briquette, etc.) to obtain thermal energy as an alternative to conventional hydrocarbon fuel (coal, fuel oil, natural gas, diesel fuel) reduces fuel costs by 5-10 times;
  • Reducing the total cost of essential oil production by at least 2 times;
  • Improving the quality of the resulting oil with the possibility of certification as an organic product.

Final product

The Final Product of the Project is a high quality essential lavender oil used in the production of skin care cosmetics as well as in aromatherapy.

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Valuable properties of lavender essential oil:

  • has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • treats psoriasis;
  • has a lightening effect and helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation;
  • effective in combating various fungal infections;
  • protects against free radicals.
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