Free Economic Zone Production Parc «TARACLIA»

Economic competitiveness and innovative technologies
Environment and climate change
Sustainable agriculture, food security and food safety


Free Economic Zone Industrial Park "Taraclia" ( is a state body, the territory of which is located on 36 hectares in the city of Taraclia.

The main goal of the FEZ Taraclia is to attract foreign investment, and stimulate the development of existing industries integrated into the external market, promote exports, and ensure the creation of new jobs in the region. The following types of activities can be carried out in the free zone: a) industrial production of export-oriented goods; b) sorting, packing, labeling of goods in transit through the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova; b / 1) foreign trade activities; b / 2) transport activities; c) types of activities that are auxiliary and necessary for the implementation of the activities specified in paragraphs a) and b).

The main advantages are tax preferences and customs privileges for residents, as well as favorable conditions for doing business guaranteed by the state. There are 4 residents on the territory of FEZ Taraclia, whose activities are aimed at production, including the export of goods and services; more than 190 people are employed. The total volume of investments in the free zone is 18 842.8 thousand US dollars.