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Forest cover is disappearing at an alarming rate around the world, exacerbating the climate change situation. Forests play an important role in maintaining the climate, so their large-scale destruction is a serious problem.

Fortunately, technology can help us combat deforestation in a variety of ways, including using drones to reforest from a height.

Reforestation work can be done by planting trees by hand, but it has become clear that drones can significantly speed up the process. By launching biodegradable seed capsules into the ground, drones can plant trees much faster than humans. In fact, just ten drones and two operators can plant 400,000 trees in just one day.

Technologically, drones fly over the designated area according to a map of local topology and soil and soil conditions. After receiving the relevant information, the results are compared with satellite data and used to determine the most suitable places for sowing seeds. This is a great example of how technology can help restore forests quickly enough to combat climate change.

The geo-analytics software platform powered by Intel® Xeon® processors combines disparate datasets of Earth observation to provide actionable insights.

Innovative component

<p>In fact, just ten drones and two operators can plant 400,000 trees in just one day.</p>

Project advantages

In the course of a preliminary assessment of the tree sowing service and the calculations performed, it is clear that the cost of seeding 1 hectare with the help of drones will cost no more than € 2000 (when sowing an array of 10 hectares or more). Drone seeding technology is more than 4 times cheaper than conventional manual or mechanized planting methods. Add savings on seedlings, care and protection and get perspective.


What we have:


• Professional teams of performers, ready to conduct tests in the shortest possible time and go to the start of commercial operation

• Expertise in the field of dendrology;

• Signed Agreements with City Halls, in whose territories, we can conduct tests and observations;

• Social business model with great benefits for Nature, Ecology and PR potential.

Final product

<p>Restored forests</p>

Results of the examination of an innovative project

Expertise in the field of dendrology

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To start the project, investments of about € 90,000 are required. Payback 2-3 years.

The Final Product is an innovative drone tree seeding service, including data-driven automation and analytics to restore forest ecosystems

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