"Carne Sud" SRL

Sustainable agriculture, food security and food safety


Carne-Sud Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of sausages and meat products.
The enterprise is located in the city of Tvarditsa, Taraclia region (Republic of Moldova). By the way, this is the only enterprise that has the right to export its products to the Russian Federation.
LLC "Carne-Sud" is, among other things, one of the largest economic agents in the region. Accordingly, it is both a major taxpayer and a major provider of jobs.
Thanks to the activities of the company, several more agricultural enterprises are developing in the region, for which Carne-Sud Ltd. is the main consumer of the products.
Production at "Carne-Sud" was founded in 2009 based on the latest technological standards and using European equipment.
From the first days, the company relied on the quality of its products using domestic raw materials. At the moment, the enterprise has its own pork production complex, which guarantees the provision of a raw material base.