Arboretum SRL

Environment and climate change


<p>ARBORETUM.LIVE is a community, non-profit, non-governmental platform for joint, coordinated actions in the greening of cities and regions. Open to the involvement of any natural or legal person. Founded and developed by the Public Organization Lumina Renașterii Omului "LuRenOm", in partnership with the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs JCI-Moldova, the National Botanical Garden, the City Park Arboretum of Chisinau, the Institute of Soil Science named after N. Dimo ​​and others.</p>

<p>Follow-the-Root is an umbrella organization that brings together several private nurseries, promotes innovative nursery and green volunteering, and promotes the concept of High Value Added Forests as an effective method of using degraded land and adapting to climate change. Our green-tech start-up operates at the intersection of botany, education, social entrepreneurship and digital technology.</p>

<p>PRODUCT seeds and seedlings of rare species of plants and grasses, design and provision of planting material for Forest plantations with High Added Value - as the most effective measure in adapting to climate change.</p>

<p>The goal of ARBORETUM.LIVE is to convince as many people and organizations as possible to take responsibility for degrading land in their cities and villages, to provide them with all the practical tools and knowledge to start and bring to a result local projects on forest restoration, greening, environmental education.</p>